Saeculum Obscurum - Discography



Theon Genesis - 3:42
The Whore - 4:51
The Lord Of Hosts - 6:37
Holy Murderers - 8:05
Transcending - 7:19
Ecce Homo - 5:43
Judas Iskariot - 6:45
Crucifige - 2:39
Apotheosis - 14:21

"Apotheosis" was recorded in July and September 2012 at The Source Studios by Michael Zech (Secrets of the Moon, Negura Bunget, Odem Arcarum, Ascension) and mixed and mastered in October 2012 at Woodshed Studio by Victor Santura (Obscura, Triptykon, Secrets of the Moon, Dark Fortress). Furthermore, several guest musicians, like Ar (Secrets of the Moon), Daniel Droste (Ahab) and Eklatanz (Heretoir) among others, have collaboratively added to the album.

Into the Depths of Oblivion


Where the Crows settle
Morituri te salutant
Hibakusha and the little Boy
Downfall of a Dynasty
The endless Journey of a pain tortured Soul
Crux Sanguinolenta
Dark Infection
Eternal Isolation

In January 2011 Saeculum Obscurum's debut album "Into the Depths of Oblivion" was released by Thunderblast Records/Twilight Distribution. Fully loaded with 10 epic extreme metal songs, the album convinces with a broad spectrum from brute blast beat attacks and pounding metal grooves to sentimental clean passages, chorales and neoclassical piano parts.